To Hire or Not, Key Issues to Look for in a Advertising Company Companion

At one point or another, you may be asked to weigh in to the conclusion of whether to employ an outside marketing agency – whether you’re likely to be the day to day contact with the company, or simply giving your opinion because you know the intricacies, nature and culture of your business.

If you’re hiring a creative agency, for instance, the marketing group and/or executive staff will most likely be making the final decision, but that does not mean you may not be asked for your opinion as part of this decision-making committee near the end of the procedure, or you may even be asked to participate in the initial weeding out stage in the procedure.

Whether the spouse is a creative, company, affiliate or technological firm, you will find key things to look for and filter through when hiring a Agency Partner. No matter which kind of partner you are trying to employ, they’re all part of your firm’s success.

Industry Expertise? Does the agency utilize B2C or B2B companies? Does the agency know your target market? You don’t need to be too literal such as you are an accounting company and you merely want to obtain an agency that operates with accounting firms. However, being an accounting firm and finding a marketing agency that operates with professional services firms, is likely a fantastic match.

Day-to-Day Contact?
More frequently than not, the person who sells to you is not the individual you will be working with daily. Be certain that the firm has a designated project manager and match with this individual before committing. Is there a character match? Can this person see a project to completion?

Payment Construction? Can it be a flat fee per job, hourly or does the firm work on a monthly retainer? Is it milestone-based payment schedule or monthly? With pricing, you may believe you’re comparing”apples to apples” but you are not. If you simply ask about hourly charges, you are not seeing the entire picture.

Industry Reputation? Creativity and business awards aren’t everything but it’s good to see a service being acknowledged by its peers because of its work. Ask them about design awards, marketing awards, customer service awards, technological praise, etc.. what they preach? When an agency supposedly excels in SEO, how does their own site rank for targeted key words? If an agency says they’re excellent at web designing, do they have an impressive site and easy user interface? If an agency considers in marketing tactics for their clients, they need to be practicing them for themselves.

Awards are great but what effect did a bureau’s plan have on customer acquisition, sales, website visitors, site conversion, etc?

All agencies will include glowing references and testimonials on their proposal and site. However, inquire about a random project in their portfolio and ask them for a reference to that client. If they’re showcasing the job, they should be fine with that client speaking for them. Additionally, ask them for a reference from their own sellers or network of professionals within their circle who they work with or associate with on a regular basis.

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